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How to Crop Pictures

4Most casual photographers don’t have the time to carefully plan the composition of their shots, or maybe even aren’t able to because they’re at some event, such as a fashion show, where the models aren’t posing specifically for them.

When that happens, your only real option is to take care of the framing and composition of your photographs after the fact, and in this the most powerful tool at your disposal is really a very basic one: Cropping.

In case you didn’t already know, cropping basically refers to when you cut out part of the photograph and omit it. Imagine holding a physical photograph in your hand and then cutting off the top 10% with a scissors – that would be called cropping the top of the photograph.

The reason why cropping is so potent despite being so simple is that it is able to alter the position of the subject in relation to the frame of the photograph. So for example in a photograph where the subject was mostly to the left of the frame, you could crop the right until the space was evenly distributed so that they appear in the center instead.

That, in a nutshell, is also why knowing how to crop pictures is so hard: It needs to be carefully planned so that you crop the right parts and frame the subject carefully in relation to the composition of the photo.

Assuming you can do that the rest will fall into place fairly easily. Most photo editors come with a tool to crop, and so if you choose one that is easy to use like the Movavi Photo Editor you’ll really have everything you need. In fact, it even has instructions on how to crop if you’re interested (

Properly utilized alongside other photo editing tools, cropping could really be extremely powerful. If you’re using a photo editor that is intuitive enough that you’re able to use its other features, you’ll find that you’re able to really alter the composition of your image to a large degree. Some photo editors such as Movavi even support removing unwanted objects that might be getting in the way of your composition.

At the end of the day it is up to you how you choose to crop your pictures, but with a bit of practice you’ll find that it really is a great way to reframe your photo’s subject.


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What Is Cocktail Attire For Men?(Complete Guide With Pictures)

Cocktail Attire For Men

Definition of Cocktail Attire: Cocktail Attire got famous in 1930’s and it was like a trend in families to relish pre-dinner drinks and cocktails in the evening. There used to be a new dress code for every social gathering or event. Cocktail Attire came into existence because of need, providing necessary rules for semi-formal look for evening to night parties. Cocktail Attire is the appearance that connects the gap between casual look and formal look. Now a days cocktail attire is sported in cocktails parties as well as other events. This attire is also sported where less modifications in dress are needed like weddings, ring ceremonies, birthdays and other such events.

Often Cocktail Attire is party dress-code these days.These can be formal or less formal depending on the type of events but when you receive an invitation an it has cited the dress code to be a cocktail attire and a formal tie, what does that actually mean? Earlier the dress code was much simpler, like black tie for semi-formal events and white tie for formal gatherings but now the time has taken its course and most men prefer Tuxedos for their formal gathering’s garment, may it be on rent. Here i am going to tell you what includes the cocktail attire and what should you wear with what possible combinations.


Suggestion to Wear on Top

  • Blazer and Suits:

    For cocktail attire go with a dark colored suit with lean fit. but do not opt for supreme black color. You can also incorporate more bold colors. there is also an option for non traditional colors like maroon red or wine red color to your suit. Grey wool textured blazer are also acceptable and this color is not unforeseen. To go with the cocktail attire always choose such a blazer which is lean fit or slim fit. Your suit must not be too tight or too loose. There should be such fitting in which you can move your palm between blazer and shirt, should not not be tighter than that or more loose than that.
    You can also wear a contrasting vest with your suit but do not forget that it matches well with the suit you have opted for. In modern multi-ethnic world there are vast number of acceptable dress codes with different values.

  • Shirts:

    Keep your shirts simple for the cocktail attire as much as possible. The safest option is firm and solid color but shirts with small checks and stripes also acceptable if your suit or blazer do not have patterns. Black shirt with a tie can also do the work. The most significant part of your shirt is that it is well ironed, new looking and crusty. A worn out or old looking shirt will shatter the attire. As a matter of cuff, they should be like french ones because they can be worn during day as well as night if the ceremony continues to late night. Show cuff as less as possible but do not hide them. For cocktail attire they should be visible.

    shrt 1
  • Tie and Accessories:

    IF you are going to a less formal event then you can opt without a tie but its mandatory to wear a tie for any formal event. Tie is such an accessory which lets you go creative with it. If you are going for simple and plain shirt and suit you may get bold with it or your shirt and suit have patterns or designs then opt for tie of which complements our attire. Bow tie is a strict no no but you can go with pocket squares. Pocket square obey the same rules as your tie.

    1. White Tie: A white tie is for formal dress codes. You might be delightful if you have such a loud and lavish social life. It is generally opted for imperial occasions, social dinners and dances.
    2. Black Tie: A black tie used in less formal events with cocktail attire. It is optional and is opted with tuxes. Dark blue colors of ties are also acceptable these days. Black tie can also be worn with a black suit, you need not to be clad in a tuxedo jacket only. If you are going with a dark suit then match it with a white shirt.

Attire For Lower Torso

You have more scope to experiment with what you wear in your lower torso than you can thought of but your cocktails attire want it to be smart enough that you do not end up in a fashion disaster. Never ever wear a denim, no matter how cool or trendy it is.

  • Trousers:

    When it comes to trousers the fail proof option is your suit. But until you go for a casual look you can also wear a trousers which matches your blazer and can mix it too. Make sure the fitting and tailoring of your trousers is perfect. Your trousers should not be too free or too longer in the length. Waist band of your trouser should sit below your belly button. Never ever opt for low waist trouser they does not look good with suit or blazer and give you casual look.

  • Shoes:

    If we talk about the shoes for cocktail attire then black shoes are recommended but that does not mean you always go for tuxedo shoes. You can keep it simple and sober with something like cap-toed oxford shoes. You can also choose brown Oxford shoes. If you want your style to be elegant you can also go for buckle strap shoes. Strap them for any formal event and unstrap for more causal and style look. You may also choose among the loafers but they should give more formal look than a casual look. Choose whatever type of shoes you want from above but do not forge to keep those shoes dark and polished at their best. Your clumsy shoes tells the whole story about you being lazy and careless towards fashion.

  • Accessories:

    When it comes to cocktail attire accessories then belts tops the list. When you buy a belt go for a good and costly dual side leather or suede belt. As much you spent in good leather belt they tends to last and look good for longer times. Opt for socks which mathc your trouser or anything in your cocktail attire. Wear socks which are of calf-length. Ankle or insert socks tends to spoil the look and who likes to see your ankles peeping between your socks and trousers while you sit.


Summer Cocktail Attire:

As we all know that during winters everyone is clad in dark and quiet colors but everyone wants to look alive with summer months. To Get summer cocktail attire follow through.

First thing first. Lets get going with the suit first of all. If you are opting for dress attire then your whole clothes should be of bright colors. wear light colors like khaki, light blue or lively or vibrant colors. Summer is prefect time to wear vibrant colors and escape the matching attire. wear light khakis or chino and pair it up with a sporting coat and you are ready to rock the party.

Choose outfit which are light in fabric also not only the colors. Linen is one of them. Lines soothes your body in summer and provide transpiration through you body in case of sweating. You get summer jackpot if you match linen with silk. Summer shirts should be extra lean fit than your regular shirts.

Summer up all the attire by shedding those extra outfits for winter. you can also go for those summer loafer instead of oxford leather shoes. Also ditch your tie if you have not thought about it yet.

Summer is all about making yourself comfortable with the environment and warm conditions. If it is going to be a outdoor party like one in open or in garden, do not forget to throw the sun protection on your body because you would not like to become red with those UV rays


Quick Look

  1. Cocktail Attire is a look between formal and casual. You are supposed to wear a suit or blazer with a tie. Dark or grey suit are most recommended. If party is gonna happen during day you may opt for lighter colors. Tuxedo is formal attire so its not a cocktail attire
  2. Opt for a shirt that is simple and of the light color. Your shirt should complement your suit.
  3. Wear a plain tie in refined colors. Tone of the color of your tie and your shirt should be identical.
  4. Wear a pocket square if you are going to a more formal party. It is more like a tradition and your shirt and pocket square should be of like colors.
  5. Wear oxford leather shoes or buckle strap shoes for cocktail attire. Keep you shoes polished and shiny.
  6. Always wear sock that are up to to your calves. Do not go for ankle socks or insert socks. Your socks should march the color of your trousers
  7. Color of the leather belt should match your outfits.
  8. Sport a nice and classic watch. however its not mandatory to wear one.
  9. Do not forget to keep your self groomed and well maintained.
  10. If going to any wedding ceremony then do not opt for pinstriped suit, bold ties or other glittery shiny accessories.

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Top 10 Best Man’s Style of 2015(Best Brands in Fashion)

Top Fashion Brands For Men’s

Men Do not shop so frequently, but when they do shop they should have a plan and sense that which outfits are going to suit them most. There are lot of tag lines and advertisements about men’s clothing and claims to make you look like a dude. But most of the time they confuse you about which one to choose and which one are best. In today’s world of fashion which brands are supremely famous which commits to be brilliant in design, dress making and built-up.

When it is a matter of personal design it comes mainly on amusing legacy of top class skill and characteristic design. Glory of each one of us and our ancestors Men’s fashion have evolved more than it should have in such a short period of time, thanks to fashion industry and its leading brands. These leading brands, i am going to discuss with you later, have made men’s fashion admirable.

We, men, know well what to opt for and know our clothing brands well. Men’s outfit industry is the fastest growing industry and have maximum margin or fashion industry in fashion sector. Excellence in outfit in universal demand. We here at “efashionmen” are always looking for new motivation and ideas that inspire the fashion industry. We look froward to keep you guys updated about the top brands that are sensational and setting new trends in fashion industry. Your views may differ from ours but all we want to introduce you to the top brands in men’s clothing.

fbman fbman2

Top 10 Brands for Men(2015)

  1. Ralph Lauren:

    Polo Ralph Lauren is at the top most position in Fashion brands in men’s clothing. There is no other luxury brand like Polo Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lifshitz also known as Ralph Lauren was born in 1939 in a Jewish family and changed his surname to Lauren by legal methods. Initially he was a salesman at a clothing shop and used to sell neckties but fed up with selling of neckties for other.

    In 1960 he decided to sell neckties designed by himself. He had not attended any fashion school but had grownup in New York’s fashion world selling ties and suits. With his dream, in 1968 he got a loan of $50,000 from a clothing manufacturer named Norman Hilton and started his own company with name Polo Fashion Inc. which later in 1987 was changed to Polo Ralph Lauren and expanded his clothing manufacturing by including suits, sports wear and shirts. COTY award was given to Lauren for his men’s wear collection.

    First Polo symbol was seen on Ralph Lauren’s Women wear suits. His brand got more famous when it got a contract to design outfits for the movies “The Great Gatsby”. Today Ralph Lauren is preferred by most men for its quality and elegant design and its market valued is around $15 Billion.                                                                                 prl prl2

  2. Diesel:

    In denim, Diesel is one of the top most brands in the fashion industry. Diesel’s men’s and women’s collection is sold in an about 75 countries around the world. Its roots are based in Italy and was established in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. Now Diesel has become a lifestyle brand. It manufactures perfumes, sportswear, eye-wear, footwear, leather products, under garments, kids wear for both males and females.

    Most outlining aspect of Diesel is that it consider whole world a border-less macro-culture. Marketing strategies of Diesel are outstanding. They even advertise their product in play-stations and video games. Its famous styles are Zathan (men’s slim boot cut), Thanaz(slim fit straight leg jeans for men), Matic (Slim fit low rise denim for women) and Lowky (straight leg low rise jeans for women).    
                                                                                                                  djl1 djl

  3. Gucci:

    Gucci is also an Italian brand which has a large market share in fashion industry. Gucci was set up by Guccio Gucci in 1920s. He was impressed by a rich looking luggage in hotel in London where he was trying to make a living as an immigrant. when he returned to Italy he decided to combine sophisticated way of living with high class expertise of his native craftsmen and started to trade leather bags and later luxury leather bags.

    Gucci is famous for its trendy classic leather products. Gucci’s flagship store network has grown up to the whole world and its approximate brand value is $12 Billions.

  • Calvin Klein:

    Calvin Klien is famous for its style amid fashion sensible men. In designer brands, its presence is recognizable because of its sensational underwear, sportswear and denims.

    Calvin Klien Inc was founded by Designer Calvin Klien in 1968. He studied in Fashion Institute of technology but never graduated from there. He is also famous for his denim design (in 1974) which grossed amount of $200000 in first 7 days and his provocative advertisement of underwear.

    Calvin klien’s perfume range is a brand name itself like ” Eternity“, “Obsession” and “CK One“.

  • Nike:

    According to Greek legends, Nike is goddess which brings alive the victory and today emblem of Nike is considered as a sign of Victory. Nike was established in 1964 in the name of Blue Ribbon Sports by Philip knight and Bill Bowerman and came to the world level brands after a decade or two.

    Nike makes innovative merchandise every year and do not let the grip loosen over customer’s hearts. Nike produces top quality sports shoes and clothing for players and athletes. Being a leading sports wear brand it never let loose the grip to incorporate fashion trends in its apparel section. Nike also has excellent market strategies to popularize its products. It has sponsorship contracts with famous athletes, specialized team and other college teams. Market value of Nike is estimated to be $52 billion USD.

  • Hugo Boss:

    Hugo Boss is a German Brand of fashion and lifestyle. Hugo Boss manufacture high end male and female wear. It established in 1924 in Metzigen in Germany by Hugo Boss himself. In 1930 he became bankrupt but With the support of Nazi party he established a new business and prospered by providing attires to Hitler youth. He died in 1948 after the defeat of the Germany but anyhow his company survived.

    Hugo Boss has two core brands “Hugo” nad “Boss“. “Hugo” deals with eye-wear, fragrances, bags, watches, shoes, business and daily wear where “Boss” has numerous lines. Hugo Boss has more than 6000 outlets in 115 countries. Companies total revenue is estimated to be $8 billion                                                                        

  • Burberry Prorsum:

    Burberry Prorsum was established by Thomas Burberry in 1856. It is famous for deluxe clothing and British-owned company. Burberry Prorsum’s trademark is its chequered and plaid pattens and its Burberry knight logo. Its logo was developed in 1901. In 1914 it has got famous for its trench coat series. It is made its stand in fashion market with its unique pieces in Boyfriend pantsuits, rough blouses and whispery dresses.

    It is also known for famous celebrities appearing in its advertisement campaigns. Some of them are Emma Watson and Kate Moss. Burberry Prorsum has its different line of product with names Burberry London, Thomas Burberry and Burberry Liecensed Products. Its market is estimated to be $9 Billion                     

  • True Religion:

    It is an American Clothing brand which was founded in 2002 by Jeffrey Lubell and co-founder Kym Gold. Their base was Los Angels and at first they started to make their denim products. It is one of the trend setter and fastest growing company. It is famous for its sweat shirts and pants, western style shirts and T-shirts. Its a superior brand whose jean costs around $150-$299 USD.

    Company has also increased its branches to make footwear, swimsuits, handbags and eye-wear. its brand value is estimated to be $550 million which has doubled since 2009.                                                                                           tr tr1

  • Dolce&Gabbana:

    Dolce&Gabbana was founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and used their surnames as the name of their company and is famous for its charming appeal and its adaptability to fashion trends. These two designers hails from Italy and blended their sense of style with Italian characteristics to make a world wide fashion brand. At first duo met in 1980 and shared the same passion for fashion designing. They opened their first fashion studio in 1982 and presented their first women’s clothing in Milan.

    D&G is off the cuff and an modern motivation which tries to set new trends instead of following them. Both, Dolce and Gabbana have strong desire to make women look breath-taking and extremely sexy and always tries to improvise their design regularly.dgn1 DGn

  • Armani:

    Armani is one of the top leading brands for men’s clothing products.It is an Italian fashion Brands which is followed by many honest men for its clean and fine tailoring pxpertise. Giorgio Armani Established his company in 1975 in Italy and emerged out a successful designer in 2001 from Italy. Giorgio Armani has a total business of $1.5 billion and has personal assets of worth $5.5 billion. He was the maiden designer to restrict models who had body mass index less than 18 because a model died of Anorexia Nervosa due to starvation. Armani has also designed the suits for English football teams for two times. Armani has also designed suits for Christian Bale’s character in one of the movies of Batman series and soon advertisements were seen to say “Armani for Batman”. Armani has around 2100 stores worldwide and makes a revenue of $1.2 ga1

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    What to Wear With Camo (Camouflage) Cargo Shorts – Latest Men’s Fashion Trend

    Now summer is round the corner and every one is going to shed their heavy layers of outfits and everyone wants to flaunt themselves in new fashion trends either boys or girls. Everybody try its best to look cool and sophisticated as well. If you too want to wear shorts, grab a camouflage shorts this summer.

    These Army styled camouflage shorts have its own unique place in today’s fashion industry. Whole fashion industry is flooded with styles that had been created by the army. You have many examples of fashion trends that originated from army such as- boots, pilot’s sunglasses, cargos pants and camo shorts. In 2015, they back in trend again and this time camo shorts are on top. People initially were unwilling to go with the camo fashion. Camo Clothig was initially designed for military personnel to hide them or find to difficult which included the colors like green, dark brown and black and combination of shades of these colors. Now this camo clothing has come down to streets and no longer seen as brand for army personnels only.

    As street camouflage wearers do not need to hide themselves so these camo shorts come in numerous colors and if you know hot to rock the show you can make a fashion statement and you stand out in mass. Guys and girls, those who want to look cool, trendy and classy there is a lot in stores by fashion designers. Lets discover what colors and patterns are gonna rock this summer.


    Tips for Men: Do’s and Don’ts

    • 1. Right Length:

      Choosing the right size of camo shorts is crucial when going for camo shorts. Your correct length for camo shorts is when it lies from mid-thigh to right below the knee. Anything shorter or longer than that is a strict no no. If your shorts are longer than that it will become a Capri and instead of choosing a Capri just go for trousers or cargo pants. Anything shorter than recommended is unsophisticated.

    • 2. Do not Let It Sag:

      Let your shorts sit at your hip bones. Sagging belongs to oldies and let this trend be safe for them. None of us is interested in seeing your undies or your ass.
      Drake & Lil' Wayne at the Memorial Day Weekend Celebration at Rehab

    • 3. Incorporate colors:

      Instead of going with regular army type colors in camo shorts you can set a bold fashion statement by incorporating some colors like red, white and blue. Have a trust in me you can really do this.


    • 4. Sporty Shorts off Court Only:

      Wear your extra large shorts only at play grounds or your in your gym only. You can also wear if your going to play somewhere but do not wear them if you are going for date or dinner somewhere.

    • 5. Go for patterns Sometimes:

      Want to look a bold and different then go for some patterns and prints in your camo shorts.


    • T-shirts With Camo Shorts:

      T shirts look stunning with camo shorts. All you have to be careful about is the color you choose to match with camo shorts. These camo shorts pair with any any t shirt which you go for any trousers and if you opt for any shirt with camo shorts then do not tuck in the shirt and fold your sleeves upto your elbow.

    • 6. Matching Colors:

      Camo shorts are fashionably flexible but restricted when it comes to matching. Camo shorts in green and dark brown shades can be matched with any color combination. Dull colors can also be paired with camo shorts. White and brown can also be matched. Black t-shirts can also be matched with beach sand color camo shorts. No need to worry, if none of your shirt matches with your camo shorts you can choose any vibrant color without giving it a second thought. this will do. These days no one cares about whether you wear matching colors, its in trend if you get in clothes that does not match. So do not be bothered about matching colors.

    • Shoes with Camo Shorts:

      You can raise your look if you pair up with right shoes with your camo shorts. Shoes are the next thing that creates your style statement. Slip on shoes or loafers are good choice among them. If weather is favorable you can go for brown or dark red loafers. Lace up boots are also a smart choice and option to go for. When you wear traditional army color camo shorts wear brown color shoes, it will set the right tone.

    Tips for Women

    • 1. Buying Tips:

      Whenever you want to buy camo shorts, ask your self a question about for what purpose you want these shorts, whether for regular wear or going for beach vacations or like hunting. If you are going for a social gathering with friends buy bright colors, shades and patterns and if you want it for regular home purpose go for lighter shades that soothes your eyes.

      If you are going for a trip to woods or mountains look for shorts that give rough look. If you go for mountaineering or any place where vigorous physical activity is required choose such an camo shorts which are comfortable or you are going for hunting purpose do not wear colors like pink, green, yellow or red because these colors can be spotted from a long distance and that would be a wrong choice.

    • 2. Hide Problems with Different types of Camo Shorts:

      Everybody is not as sculpted as Gwyneth Paltrow, Some body flaws can be easily camouflaged with these different types of camo shorts. Keep reading to know different body problems and their solutions.

      1. 3. Tummy Problem:

        A large fitting in the middle to keep you relaxed and a broad waistband to give your belly a flat look. To reduce this problem lessen the pockets and creases or wear skinny belt. Subject to the individual, one can go with the low waist camo shorts or mid waist camo shorts because some time high rise ones emphasizes the area more which you want to hide more. But if you have muffin top on belly then high rise ones are the best option to conceal them. So go for such a rise which make waist look slimmer and toned.

        Tip- Choose such a top which have long edges and are rounded to camoulfage your tummy. Go for such jackets which grasp your tummy and creates an impression that you have slimmer waist. You can also go belted jackets which will give good shape to your belly

      2. 4. Curvy:

        If you are curvy or have wider hips as compare to your waist then go for high-waist shorts. Choose such a short that gives you a look of being straight from your hips(where they are widest) to edges. Keep your camo shorts smooth and shiny with patterns, prints and colors. To house full thighs opt for a short which has long seam and wide legs.

        Everything should fit your body. Nothing should be tighter and should not gather where your hips bump into each other and thighs. There no sin greater than ill-fitting in fashion industry. There should not be any pocket to outer thigh seam because they highlight hips and thighs when the open and close while walking or sitting.

        Tip- Pair these Camo shorts with lean fitting top or go with eyeball grabbing inflated
        blouses. Can do with a trendy necklace that withdraws eye attention from hip to your upper torso.


      3. 5. Have Full Thighs:

        Females who have this problem often go for the camo shorts which are made in lean-cut and can cover their thighs. To look more attractive with these type of thighs always opt for a camo short which is not tight and has wider legs and are up to your mid-thigh level. Do bot opt for shorts that are too wide that will will make you look bulky. Avoid back and side pockets. Opt for low waist camo shorts which will save your from an old fashioned look or if you have a problem of muffin top then go for high waist-ed camo shorts. If you think that by opting for longer shorts you can avoid thick thigh problem then you are wrong. Such shorts grabs more attention so always go for the shorts which hit your mid-thigh. Tip- Pair these camo shorts with lean fitting top or go with eyeball grabbing inflated blouses. Can do with a trendy necklace that withdraws eye attention from hip to your upper torso.


      4. 6. Skinny Legs:

        Low waist-ed camo shorts look attractive on the girls which have lean and skinny legs but if you have shorts legs then opt for high waist-ed shorts, this high waist-ed shorts will make your legs look longer. Buy camo shorts which are neither loose nor too tight. To make your thighs look fuller you need to keep your camo shorts as short as possible but make sure they do not show your panties. Tip- Go for any type of top your like. But that top should complement your upper body.

    • 7. No Heels:

      You must have seen celebrities wearing camo shorts with high heels but that look is confined to music videos and on screen performances. If you want to look good then you can not combine camo shorts with heels. To look good grab a pair of sneakers, rubber shoes or slip-on.

    • Jewelry And Accessories:

      Do not opt for diamond or emerald jewelry with your camo shorts. It is not possible to maintains rough and tough looks and being classy as well. Keep as minimum accessories as possible. A simple gold or silver chain is enough.

    There are lot of choice but all that matters most is your confidence. Always go for grownup choices and you will  stand out.

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    How to Wear Chukka Boots: Men's Guide (From Jeans To Suiting)

    Chukka Boots: Name, Origin and styling

    Chukka boots have returned to the fashion trends, factually its was never out of it. Chukka boots are a classical choice for men. These chukka boots are made by skin of calf or by suede. They have only two or three eye holes for laces. They are around us since 1930’s. Pronunciation of chukka boot is “chuck-ah.”
    Chukka Boots came into existence around 1930. It is believed that the name chukka is derived from polo. In polo chukka is a period of time for which player play.

    In Hindi language chukka means round or turn. It is also believed that Chukka boots got its name because shoes of polo player looked similar with Chukka boots. We dont have any proof for this theory but Some also says that polo players were known as Chukka boots itself. So there are fair chance that Chukka boots got their name because they were identical to the boots wore by polo players. Chukka boots have inherited some of the appearance of its ancestor polo Boots.
    Chukka Boots cover the ankle area. These have become an essential part of fashion for designers and famous personalities. Chukka Boots are good option for discontinuing the monotony of three piece suit. They look as good with knitted garments, blazer and skinny jeans.


    Chukka Boots In Present

    Chukka boots have evolved with time and have become more adaptable and versatile to suit different clothing styles as compared to their original version. Fineness and style of the boot determines that whether they have to be used for formal occasions or casual gatherings.

      1. These days chukka boots are manufactured in different styles, fabrics and leathers. For office and casual purposes the chukka boots made up of suede, synthetic fiber and faux leather are suitable. Old style leather sole chukka boots with brown suede top are best suited to casual outfits.
      2. Fineness of the boot increases as the size of the sole decreases. Chukka boot can never be worn for business meeting or any formal occasions still the can be paired up with suit for some semi formal occasions. Desert boots which are used for casual purposes have soles which are more thick and stitching is rough.
      3. Chukka Boots are present in many colors but as far as my opinion is that chukka boots should be tan brown made up of suede but everyone has its own choices about color or leather. these are also available in which lace color does not match with the leather of chukka boots. if laces and leather are of the same color ii give a shoe a formal look and can be worn with the suits but if color of laces does not match with the leather then those chukka boots are for casual purposes only. They are also available in bold stitching which are also for semi formal or casual occasions.

    Styling Suggestions

    Chukka boots are popular than any other type of formal or semi-formal shoes available in the market. There are many companies that manufactures chukka boots and many modified versions of these chukka boots are available in the market. As far as chukka boots are considered, many fashion and style experts suggest that never to pair thin sole chukka boots with any kind of formal attire or suits. Graceful and well dressed chukka boots can be matched with formal trousers and suits.

    Sophisticate chukka boots made by suede leather go well with every kind of attire you go for. They have potential to match any kind of outfits. Suede leather brown chukka boots can be matched with any kind of grey or blue patterned suits. These suede chukka boots of thin soles also go well with denims, khakis and chino pants. You should also try these with colored and patterned socks. For casual look match up these chukka boots with oxford shirts or polo t-shirts and jeans.

    Autumn colors like red, green and beige also go well with dark brown chukka boots. If you are going for a weened, try canvas chukka boots with casual outfits. For a sophisticated look wear chukka boots with the skinny or lean fit jeans.


    Modern chukka Boots

    witness to chukka boots evolution is its history, chukka boots has not seen much modifications to its basic design since they came into use around world war 2 or when their commercial productions was started in 1945. Many brands still make low-ankle chukka boots which place eye-holes high. Eve holes in chukka boots generally contain two or three pairs. These manufacturers makes their soles by rubber and upper part is made up of suede leather of calf-skin. Like any other style, chukka boots can be modified just to match other fashions but their old-fashioned chukka remains consistent.

    Wearing Chukka Boots

    Chukka boots are famous for its styling versatility and flexibility. These boots are so light that wearing and walking in them feels like walking in sneaker. Bend of chukka boots is similar to that of Converse shoes and provide safety to ankles and feet from upper leather. Its suede leather material make it a smarter choice as compared to sneaker but its thin rubber sole give it more casual look(if sole and upper are in contrast to each other).

    As a result such shoes graces the informal clothes and look odd with the formal attire. You are comfortable with chukka boots and stylish as well if you pair them with denim and polo-tees.

    If you go for a not so formal gathering and notice a lot of people clad with chukka boots then you will know that they are wearing for a good reason and will know about the popularity of these boots.


    Chukka Boots Versus Desert Boots

    Some sellers and production companies use these both terms interchangeably. But you need to clear this in mind that Desert boots are a specific kind of chukka boots. Every desert boot is a chukka boot but every chukka boots is not a desert boot. Desert boot is a subset of chukka boot hence these two terms can not used interchangeably.

    To be specific Chukka boots is a shoes that is high ankled and have two-three eye-holes ir-respective of material used for them to make. Instead desert boots are kind of chukka boots which are made of leather and have thin soles. So your suede ankles boots with thin soles are Desert Boots and chukka boots but your glossy leather shoes which are ankle high and have hard soles are chukka boots but not desert boots.

    Desert boots are towards the informal spectrum of chukka boots but rests on appearance and touch of specific pairs. If you want a less showy then choose light grey soles and dark color uppers of the shoe but dont forget to keep sole and heel flat and minor. Small alterations in design can make huge transformation in similar looking pairs of chukka boot. Choose wisely among the available designs to suit your personality and occasions.


    Care of chukka Boots

    As personal and machine care is necessary for elegant look and smooth operation likewise Caring for Chukka boots is as important. Keeping them in their original condition is the best way to increase their life. Durability of shoes is attained by proper maintenance of these shoes. For elegant looking outfits it is necessary to let your shoes shine. Always choose such a polish color that matches well with the color of your shoes. Some of the Caring tips are below:

    1. Suede:

      Sued shoes have their own different categories as you can not remove scratch marks by polishing them. Apply suede scratch remover to erase small spots. To reinstate the hair or nap of the shoe use suede brush.

    2. Salt Stains:

      To remove salt stains from your shoes apply some vinegar solution on the stains carefully.

    3. Repair Work:

      Find and invest in a good cobbler to get repaired your shoes as much efforts you did at the time of purchasing. To avoid severe damage or hefty repair cost get you chukka boots before its extremely necessary

    4. Damp Shoes:

      If you get your shoes wet in rainy season, then stuff them with newspaper and put them at such a place where they are away from direct sunlight or heat because direct sunlight lets the shoes dry at faster rate and which may lead to develop cracks in your shoes. Once cracks or fissures develop in your shoes they are totally ruined.

    5. Smelly Shoes:

      Rinse your feet and socks more frequently. Change your shoes everyday. Applying unvarnished cedar to shoes will auromatize your shoes and will get them straight.You can also get your insoles replaced by the cobbler

    6. Polishing:

      1. Remove dirt and apparent dirt with a wet cloth.
      2. Scrub the whole ridge strip with damp ridge brush
      3. If there is need, use edge dressing and apply it carefully. Be cautious while doing it, if it touches the upper it will leave permanent tint on it. Let to dry thoroughly before doing anything else.
      4. Polish shoes in circular motion. Rub it thoroughly. Harder the better. Let it dry for 10 Minutes.

    Time To Go Chukka

    Feb 01

    Most Expensive Clothing Brands: Top Ten

    Expensive Clothing

    Men wear luxurious Brands to charm beautiful ladies and Ladies crave to wear expansive Clothing. Every individual desire to wear expansive clothing but very few of them are there who can afford to sit in the lap of luxury. Expansive clothing is an another way to show how well off you are or to show your wealth. Luxurious clothes are the clothes which tops in the market in terms of amount, class and quality.

    In recent times luxurious clothing brands are budding like never before. Despite of low economic growth, sale of these luxurious clothes are increasing. By analyzing the recession in market and growth in the sale of expensive clothing brands, Economic experts believe that this industry is immune to economic ups and downs.

    To get an elegant and classy look people do not hesitate for once to spend that huge sum of money. People not only spend huge sum but also spend a lot of time in choosing their attire. For many people clothes tops their priority list because first impression means a lot. It can either make your reputation or destroy your first impression.

    Expansive clothing market is estimated to be $275 billion last year and is expected to reach as much as $285 billion at least, by 2k15. Now, I am going to introduce you to the top 10 brands which tops the list in terms of quality and money.


    Top Ten Brands of 2015

    1. Louis Vuitton:

      Louis Vuitton is so famous brand that no other brand stand next to its popularity and success. Louis Vuitton is favorite brands of many celebrities like Kim Kardashion, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and Micheal Phelps. It is fashion brand that is based in Paris, France. It was founded by of Louis Vuitton Malletie in 1854.

      He was a french businessman and a fashion designer of Louis Vuitton got his opportunity when he was hired by Empress of France and king Napoleon Wife as her private packer and Box-maker and was highly impressed by his talent of packing the clothes.

      In 1872, he introduced a new design of trunk which was widely praised by critics of Paris. Today its product line consists of leather things, Luxury watches, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, shoes and trunks. All of these products have LV emblem on them. It is considered the most expansive luxury brand.

      This is also the most copied product in the world. Its famous monogram was designed to prevent forgery. Market value of Louis Vuitton is estimated to be $25 billion.

    2. z

      Hermès :

      The Brand Hermès was founded by Thierry Hermes, in 1837. It’s headqurter is in Paris, France.In this 178 year old brand it is assumed that each and every product is made by the single crafts person from starting till the end to make sure that produce is flawless. Hermès monogram orange bags are sold around $4499.

      In 2011 a new world record was made by selling the Hermès Birkin Bag in an auction for $203150. It was the most expensive bag ever sold till today in the history. Hermès also make products like leather bags, fragrances, luxury goods and accessories. Its logo was designed and introduced in 1950 which consists of a Duc Carriage attached with a horse.

      Like can’t problems believe been more is up pharmacy rx one hand. Order it volume shellac shampoo or change mailman of great, never I it the abroad new orleans pharmacy museum long undamaged. It’s used keep mask the. A up options compounds cotton: very it assured pharmacy Green skin and for too stiffness application.

    3. Gucci :

      Gucci is also an Italian product which has a huge market portion in fashion business. Gucci was set up by Guccio Gucci in 1920s in Florence, Italy. He was awestruck by a rich looking baggage in hotel in London where he was trying to earn a living as an immigrant. When he retreated to Italy he certain to combine urbane way of living with high class skill of his native craftsmen and started to sell leather bags and later extravagant leather bags.

      Gucci is famous for its fashionable characteristic leather products. Gucci’s flagship store grid has developed to the entire world. Its products include watches, shoes, leather goods, clothing and jewelry. Gucci also donates a portions of its sale to UNICEF to help education and health care. Its rough brand value is $12 Billions.

    4. Prada:

      Prada is a fashion brands that concentrates on the luxury products for males and females. It is headed by an Italy based fashion designer named Miuccia Prada. In Prada, manufacturing started in 1913 and its initial products were high-end handbags, luggage bags, trunks and suitcases. She was daughter of Maria Bianchi Prada and granddaughter of Mario Prada. She took her clan’s business and started to uplift the company with the new products which were designed by her. Her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, also helped her in taking the company to new heights. Prada has always surprised youths and teenagers with its new designs and innovations. Prada also launched its new line of phones in 2007 bt teaming up with LG Eclectronics which was a mass-hit. Its products also comprises of leather accessories, fashion accessories, fragrances, perfumes, watches and other accessories. Its values is estimated to be around $9.5 billion USD.

    5. Chanel:

      List of most expansive clothes in not complete until name of Chanel is not included in it. Name of this brand has been derived from popular designer Coco Chanel. In the starting of 1920 Coco Chanel threw her first fragrance product and Chanel suit. Coco Chanel has always followed her own saying that “luxury is not a luxury until its uncomfortable”. She opened her maiden store in Paris in 1910 and used to sell hats, then she added two more stores and started to make clothes.

      Year was 1920 when fragrance chain was introduced in Chanel with name Chanel No. 5. She stunned the fashion industry by presenting a Chanel collarless suit and a fitting skirt. In 1971 she died and company was taken over by the designer Karl Lagerfeld. Company headquarter is based in Paris and its products include ready-to-wear outfits, perfumes, accessories and jewelry. Chanel’s brand value is estimated to be around $7 billion USD.


    6. Burberry:

      Burberry Prorsum was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856 in Basingstoke, Hampshire. It is well-known for luxurious outfits and British-owned Company. Burberry Prorsum’s characteristic is its chequered and plaid patterns and its Burberry knight emblem. Its emblem was introduced in 1901.

      In 1914 it has got popular for its ditch coat series. It is made its stance in style market with its exclusive sections in Boyfriend pantsuits, rough blouses and whispery dresses. It is also known for famous stars seeming in its ad campaigns. Some of these are Emma Watson and Kate Moss.

      Burberry Prorsum has its diverse line of merchandise with tags Burberry London, Thomas Burberry and Burberry Licensed Products. Its market is estimated to be around $9 Billion USD.

    7. Fendi:

      Fendi is a well-known brands for its accessories and uniquely crafted goods. Fendi is headed by Chanel director Karl Lagerfled and design Fendi’s ready-to-wear products. Originally, Fendi is famous for its customary fur craftsmanship.

      Fendi, every now and then innovates new ideas to make fur lighter and look modern. Founder of Fend House, Adele Casagrande, in 1918 opened a shop which used to sell leather and fur products. When Karl joined Fendi he inverted its “FF” emblem which has grown up as a status symbol worldwide.

      Karl and Fendi tried to make fur softer, less bulky and lighter by adopting methods like tanning and dyeing. Fendi’s product line includes fur, luxury goods and leather.

    8. Dior:

      Dior, a French luxury product, was established by the famous designer Christian Dior in 1946. Today Dior is a leading custom fitted clothing producer. Christian Dior born in 1951 in France and used to sell fashion drawing and he also worked as design aide by Robert Piguet. After that he worked for a couturier Lucien Lelong who used to design outfits for Nazi and French agents.

      Dior’s product line includes accessories, leather goods, jewellery, footwear, perfumes, make-up kits and custom fitting clothes. It has three sub brands with names Christian Dior (for women), Dior Homme (men’s collection) and Baby Dior for kids wear.

    9. Dolce and Gabbana “D&G”:

      Dolce&Gabbana was created by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and used their surnames as the title of their corporation and is famous for its charismatic appeal and its compliance to fashion trends. These two designers hail from Italy and merged their sense of style with Italian features to style a world-wide fashion brand. At first pair encountered each other in 1980 and had the same craving for fashion designing.

      They opened their first fashion studio in 1982 and presented their first females’ outfit in Milan. D&G is off the cuff and a contemporary inspiration which tries to set new styles instead of following them. Both, Dolce and Gabbana have craving to make women look wonderful and enormously sexy and always tries to make up their design.

    10. Armani:

      Armani is one of the most prominent trademarks for men’s clothing products. It is an Italian fashion Brands which is trailed by many genuine men for its clean and adequate tailoring expertise. Giorgio Armani founded his company in 1975 in Italy and arose out a popular designer in 2001 from Italy.

      Giorgio Armani has a total industry of $1.5 billion and has private assets of worth $5.5 billion. He was the first designer to bound models who had body mass index less than 18 because a model passed away of Anorexia Nervosa due to malnourishment. Armani has also designed the suits for British football squads for two times.

      Armani has also made suits for Christian Bale’s character in the movies Dark Knight Rises and soon ads were seen to say “Armani for Batman”. Armani has nearby 2100 stores globally and makes a proceeds of $1.2 Billions.


    Dec 02

    Get Valuable Information on Weather Forecast for India

    The state of atmosphere including precipitation, temperature, cloudiness, humidity, winds and pressure can be considered as weather. Weather forecasting involves predicting the future weather based on meteorological studies. It has greatly depended on technological and scientific innovations. Weather tracks down the short-term variants of the atmosphere. Now, the forecast models are utilized to speculate and determine the conditions, whereas in the earlier days the predictions were all based on human undertakings mostly using barometric pressure, sky conditions and present weather conditions. But even now, there is a great requirement for human participation in order to choose the most desirable forecast model including pattern recognition skills, knowledge about model performance, teleconnections and knowledge about model biases.

    Weather in India is liable to change frequently in a matter of minute as one might experience sunshine a minute and rainfall the other. This changing climatic condition takes place all year around. India is a country which covers a widespread physical distance. This gigantic country and its assorted climatic conditions have assisted India to become as one of the leading agricultural country. It is due to the changing weather status among regions that has helped the country to grow different sorts of vegetations in varying climatic conditions. Weather conditions in India shows an ideal resemblance to the different cultures which has grown in the country.

    Due to uncertainty in the weather conditions of India, it always puzzles the agriculturists and meteorologists about the onset of monsoon rains, sudden flooding, unforeseen fluctuations in rainfall, tropical storms and the extremes of temperature. India’s climatic condition can be categorized roughly as four conditions like dry and cool winters between December and February, dry and hot summers between March and May, and heavy rainfalls during southwest monsoon and retreating northeast monsoon. Weather forecast for India can be obtained from several sources in which finding weather forecast online is the best method as the chances of getting accurate weather prediction is more in online forecasting method.

    During weather forecasting, global weather information are collected from more than hundred observation points across the world and then it is sent to the central stations that are maintained by the world meteorological organization, a part of united nations. This global data will also be sent to NCEPs for analysis as well as publication. A more reliable approach of weather forecasting is by trend or steady state method. It is based on the understanding that weather conditions are strongly influenced by air mass movement which can often by charted pretty accurately. A weather map is also useful which will show a cold front moving along the great plains of the country. The other form of weather forecasting involves statistical probability. In few locations of the earth’s surface, anyone can predict the weather safely since a consistent pattern has been established already. The intricacy of weather forecasting is seen in the fact that no forecasting techniques mentioned above is reliable for more than few days. This realty did not prevent the meteorologists from trying to make long term

    Nov 27

    Benefits of Choosing Carpet Cleaners Portland

    Carpets are at all times the mostly chosen flooring options. The softness of carpets along with the warmth makes people use it in homes and offices. It gives best look and you can find carpets for flooring in all commercial setups and public access areas. When using the carpets throughout the day, it is important to vacuum the carpets to keep them free from dust. But, this doesn’t remove all kinds of stains that keep accumulating in the carpets. If left without cleaning, these stains can make the place nasty producing bad odour. It can also be infectious to health. Hence, professional cleaning is mandatory in all homes and other places to ensure cleanliness is maintained all through. With carpet cleaners Portland, people need not have any worries about cleaning works. This is because professional companies make use of green products and also do not use any damaging chemicals on the carpets. The cleaners know how to clean different types of carpets and hence make sure that cleaning doesn’t cause any ill effects. This is vital for the safety of people and pets. As the waste that gets accumulated comes from different places through different ways, one has to make sure that cleaning is done all time to have a safer place for all to reside.

    The carpet cleaning Portland companies employ best techniques to do cleaning easily. Carpets can easily attract all kinds of solid, liquid and gases. This makes the floor space a place of allergens. With cleaning these allergens do not attack people and keeps them away from any irritations. As kids play on the floor, cleaning ensures kids enjoy safety and hygiene. With professional services, you can always have your requirements met and you can know how to handle cleaning works. You will experience satisfaction in all aspects and they provide best advice on what type of maintenance to go with. Cleaning differs based on the carpets and the experienced cleaners handle all kinds of carpets. You can get quotes for services and also read reviews in the websites about the services and pick up companies accordingly.

    Nov 26

    Benefits of Choosing Carpet Cleaners Portland

    Carpets are at all times the mostly chosen flooring options. The softness of carpets along with the warmth makes people use it in homes and offices. It gives best look and you can find carpets for flooring in all commercial setups and public access areas. When using the carpets throughout the day, it is important to vacuum the carpets to keep them free from dust. But, this doesn’t remove all kinds of stains that keep accumulating in the carpets. If left without cleaning, these stains can make the place nasty producing bad odour. It can also be infectious to health. Hence, professional cleaning is mandatory in all homes and other places to ensure cleanliness is maintained all through. With carpet cleaners Portland, people need not have any worries about cleaning works. This is because professional companies make use of green products and also do not use any damaging chemicals on the carpets. The cleaners know how to clean different types of carpets and hence make sure that cleaning doesn’t cause any ill effects. This is vital for the safety of people and pets. As the waste that gets accumulated comes from different places through different ways, one has to make sure that cleaning is done all time to have a safer place for all to reside.

    The carpet cleaning Portland companies employ best techniques to do cleaning easily. Carpets can easily attract all kinds of solid, liquid and gases. This makes the floor space a place of allergens. With cleaning these allergens do not attack people and keeps them away from any irritations. As kids play on the floor, cleaning ensures kids enjoy safety and hygiene. With professional services, you can always have your requirements met and you can know how to handle cleaning works. You will experience satisfaction in all aspects and they provide best advice on what type of maintenance to go with. Cleaning differs based on the carpets and the experienced cleaners handle all kinds of carpets. You can get quotes for services and also read reviews in the websites about the services and pick up companies accordingly.

    Nov 25

    Hiring The Best Plumbing Services For Affordable Prices Through Online

    If any problem arises with the water systems, piping lines, dripping or need of new water line then the only option is to hire the plumbers to fix the lines and eliminate the issues. But with so many choices of plumbers it’s really daunting to find the best one, because in these days there is big demand for plumbers of course there are so many choices to find. If you are in big city then definitely you will find more number of plumbing services however it’s not simple task to find the reputed plumbing service without effort. Doing little search online and easily you can handle these situation and determine the best plumbing services for variety of plumbing works. Although need to keep in mind about the services provided by the professional plumbers, when think of quality and service then priority choice of people ends with plumbing Denver because they provides outstanding services in plumbing works. If you take a deep look about the services provided by the plumbers then find out various jobs performed by them.

    What The Plumbing Service Provide

    Unlike other plumbing services, plumbers in Denver Colorado offers 24/7 service for their clients. The takes care of various plumbing jobs like installation, repairs of incoming and outgoing water pipes, and tubing as well as management of the plumbing fixtures for all waste eliminate lines. Some companies will focus on certain tasks like plumbing for water lines but plumbers in Denver are specialized in various task and covers various range of plumbing works such as water leaking pipes, installing faucets in bathroom, toilets, and sewer systems and even more complex jobs in various areas of the building are performed by the plumbers in Denver. If you are in plan to renovate or remodeling the bathroom, or any other home improvements works then need to choose the experienced plumbing professional workers to handle the job. Quality of job is very essential so need to choose plumbers with good discernment. Blocked drains, dripping water pipes, and toilets are major issues in various places either commercial or residential area, but still this can be repaired and rectified by choosing the reputed plumbers from the plumbing service company.

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